Contributors wanted


All our walks are laid out in a set format have a look at our free walk to see what the video and the accompanying PDF walk directions look like. A Videowalk includes many photographs and video clips, that are then set out with brief walking directions.

You don't have to get the walk in exactly this state of completion, but the nearer you can get the higher your rate of commission. As a minimum, we would need:

What you need to have:

We have set out exactly what is needed in our contributors' guide. The guide also sets out ways of producing the end videos and tips to use freely available resources to make and submit your walk. In order that contributors are not working on the same walk or on a walk that is already included on the website, we use a booking system that is outlined in the contributors guide.

If you are interested in contributing, then please email us at and we will send you the guide.

The guide also sets out the rates of commissions for the walks submitted.

For each walk submitted, you will receive a commission every time your walk is downloaded. We will also include a contributors section on the website, where we will include a photograph and short biography of each contributor, should you wish to be included.


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