Downloadable walk guides for PC and mobile devices
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Advice for iPhone, iPad and iPod users

Following feedback from customers downloading our walks to iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, we have produced the following advice based on their findings and suggestions.


Downloading the walk files
The most common issue reported by iPhone, iPad and iPod users is that they can't save the walk files to their device as, when they click the download links, the device will simply 'play' the file - there is no way to 'save' it. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the device Operating System and something we have no control over. There are several ways to get around this issue as detailed below:

Solution 1
Login to your Videowalks account on a PC to download the walk files, then transfer them to your iTunes account where they will be available from your mobile device.

Solution 2
The walk files can be downloaded and saved directly to your mobile device using a suitable app such as Video Downloader Super Lite which is free to use for up to 10 videos. Other similar apps are available.


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